At Sancta Maria Park in Noordwijk, a villa is rising in green surroundings. The living program has been wrapped around two double storey patios which make the inside life merge with the green outside life. The rich materials and refined details of the exterior and interior increase the quality of the architectural and spatial design. […]


In Limburg, a former military terrain has been transformed into a residential park area. This green space houses 43 spacious plots nestled in a wooded environment, while preserving the existing road network and green structure as much as possible. The result is a high-quality residential area that offers tranquility, space, and lush surroundings. The design […]


Situated less than ten minutes from Amsterdam, on an old dike along the Markermeer lake, is a small village in the municipality of Waterland called Uitdam. The village is surrounded by water and an agricultural landscape with a protected nature reserve. In the background the Amsterdam skyline. Although the distance to the capital is small, the contrast […]


Floating Home is part of Schoonschip, a new floating village of 46 households that aims to create Europe’s most sustainable floating community in North Amsterdam. Based on a sustainable urban design plan by Space&Matter and Metabolic, over 100 residents moved into and revitalized a disused canal and established themselves a living on the water. The […]

House MM

House MM, a house that is clad entirely in blackened timber, is situated in the former industrial area of Amsterdam Noord, on a site that was previously occupied by an “old and decayed” brick house with a cramped interior. The new house is featuring an asymmetric gabled roof that extends out to form a sheltered entrance. Tasked to […]

Villa H

This villa in Mount Brydges is overlooking the green fields and woods in the rural area of Southwestern Ontario, Canada. While having a successful green nursery, an adjacent plot of 50 hectares, mainly consisting of seasonal beans fields and woods, was the number one chance for the client to extent the existing property and getting it ready to […]


Op het voormalige terrein van de Hells Angels te Amsterdam aan de Kop Weespertrekvaart heeft Chris Collaris Architects een woonhuis ontworpen. Als een van de weinige woningen binnen het totaalplan is de hoogte van het volume beperkt en waarbij alle leefruimten direct aan de eigen tuin zijn verbonden. De woning bevindt zich op een hoekkavel […]